Web design and AI: still a long way to go

In the past year, we have been subjected to much hype about artificial intelligence. Whether it’s about robots replacing humans in the office or in the driver’s seat of vehicles, bold predictions have been made by journalists, tech experts and enthusiasts. One area that has been mentioned is web design. A few companies have already tried to capitalize on that early trend including San Francisco’s The Grid and Tel-Aviv’s veteran DIY website builder Wix. I have followed the development of such ‘’AI-powered’’ website makers and my take is … such technologies still have a long way to go.

Design requires research

Creativity is subjective

Writing quality code still matters

Artificial intelligence has still a long way to go to rival web designers. Until AI web design is able to handle subjectivity and code integrity, human intervention is still very much needed. As AI technology becomes more and more refined perhaps the competition between AI-assisted software and humans will become more actual.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

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