The coolest robots of CES 2020

Now that CES 2020 is over, let’s rewind a bit and discuss some of the most interesting robots presented at the humongous tech event.

Samsung’s Bot Chef

Samsung’s Bot Chef, which the South Korean conglomerate refers to as a “cobot” (collaborative robot). Bot Chef cannot prepare meals from scratch, but it can assist you with basic tasks. Bot Chef can download and display recipes on a nearby screen, open flames, dice and push ingredients; and more…


The makers of MarsCat claims that the device is “the world’s first fully autonomous robot cat”. The concept is simple: instead of giving your robot pet commands via voice or touch for it to complete tasks, once MarsCat is activated, it’ll act like a regular cat, doing “its own thing” and when it wants.

It’s on Kickstarter where it has raised over $131,444 at the time of writing (the project began with a $20,000 goal).


Also from Samsung: meet Ballie, a small “smarthome” robot that looks like a rolling grapefruit. It basically acts as your personal assistant.

Equipped with artificial intelligence, Ballie has a camera and a mobile interface that aim to help you around your house or apartment.

Charmin RollBot

The Charmin RollBot is… a cheeky robot (pun intended). It is a basically a toilet paper delivering machine. If you tend to forget to replenish your toilet paper stock, the RollBot is… there for you. It is a Bluetooth-controlled robot that you can call in your time of need via your phone. It has antennas that will detect your call “mid-go”. Finally it will utilize infrared sensors “to navigate your home and reach you with a payload of TP”.

I hope you had fun reading this piece; and definitely let me know if other robots at CES caught your attention. 🤖

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