Simple social monitoring techniques

Whether you are monitoring industry trends or your competitors, there are simple techniques to make the process easier on social media platforms.

Hashtags #

Perform searches with company and industry vertical hashtags. This is a simple technique that works well with a variety of platforms and not just Twitter.


On Facebook and Twitter you can curate groups of pages and users. This is a neat way to organize your interests.

Geolocation search

If you are involved in local Marketing, geolocation search can be a great way to monitor competitors in specific areas either through basic queries (city / landmark name) or coordinates.

Boolean operators

Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT (among others) can refine your search by combining or limiting terms. Such are available on Twitter and LinkedIn. Personally I am big fan of “NOT” as it allows you to efficiently segregate queries.

Advanced search

Many social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook come with some form of advanced search through simple dialogue boxes. Such can be great if you are not comfortable with Boolean operators.

Feel free to explore the above and please do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions or remarks.

This article was originally publishing on LinkedIn.

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