Raine Revere of ShapeShift talks about Prism and cryptocurrency

Phil Siarri talks to Raine Revere, software engineer at ShapeShift, a Switzerland-based startup offering a forward-thinking cryptocurrency exchange enabling you to trade any leading blockchain asset for any other in a safe and intuitive manner.

At ShapeShift, Raine is the lead architect for a new project called Prism: a platform enabling users to create a fund of different cryptocurrency assets, and be able to profit from the increase in price, similar to how a portfolio of the underlying asset prices increase.

Hi Raine. Can you tell us a little about your professional background? What led you to gain interest in cryptocurrencies?

Interestingly, I was moving away from tech, getting my graduate degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy, when I learned about blockchain. The social and economic implications immediately struck me. I spent six months getting up to speed with the basic technology and grokking the systemic implications before joining ShapeShift to build Prism.

Tell us about ShapeShift’s new project ‘Prism’. What are some of the key features of the platform?

Another key feature of this system is its ease of use. You only need to have an Ethereum wallet to be able to create, rebalance, follow and sell Prisms. This helps bring the decentralised technology of ‘dapps’ to the average investor without them having to interact with complicated technical interfaces. You can control your portfolio securely through simple transactions from your wallet.

How far are you in the product development stage?

What’s your opinion on the cryptocurrency and Ethereum hype that’s pushed by various media outlets?

I wouldn’t necessarily say the hype is a threat to the ecosystem, because the ecosystem will do its thing and grow on its own. It may confuse people though, and complicate adoption. Hype will rise and fall, bubbles will pop, but genuine advancements in technology will continue to move forward.

What’s next for Prism this year and beyond?

This article was originally published on BankNXT.

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