Proper Curation Etiquette on Twitter

In the past 12 months I have used Twitter extensively for different reasons: relationship building, content discovery and evidently curation since it is one of my primary areas of interest within the Content Marketing sphere. I have learned a few fundamentals when it comes to using proper curation etiquette on the network by trial and error and also by observing power users.

Citing the author

Most Twitter users share other people’s content; such is perhaps the simplest form of content curation. Partly because of the 140 character limit, author attribution is not the first thing that comes to mind. However citing the author of the content you are sharing is a polite gesture. That can easily by done by adding his or her username somewhere in your tweet.

Beyond the politeness, this is a great technique to increase your engagement. Authors will often reward such with a like, retweet or even instruct their entire audience to re-share your tweet. Depending on the size of the author’s audience, this can be an amazing visibility boost.

Furthermore, if you are looking to connect with thought leaders in your industry, this can be an effective ice-breaker technique. I have personally met dozens of eminent experts from various Marketing and Finance ecosystems through a simple “citation”.

Citing the original publication

Many content producers publish their work in publications. As with citing authors, you can also cite the Twitter username associated to a specific publication (it goes without saying you can do such in conjunction with author citations).

Many publishers employ community managers who will like and retweet your curated tweets if they bear the publication’s username. If the publication has a large number of followers this can lead to substantial visibility.

Citing multiple sources

What if you want to curate 3 or more sources and can’t make usernames fit within the 140 character limit? You can use an alternate method by tagging usernames in a picture (presently you can tag up to 10 users).

Retweeting your peers

Another way to curate in Twitter is through retweets. Sometimes it is a good idea to credit your peers by retweeting their postings featuring original or curated content. From experience this very much appreciated and often rewarded by a mention (and quick thanks). However, I would only do this with contents I really find insightful (reward individuals who truly deserve it).

Proper Twitter curation etiquette is often appreciated and offers many benefits in terms of engagement and visibility. I highly encourage Twitter users to try such more often.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

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