Pokémon: timeless brand storytelling

The resurgence of the Pokémon franchise has been well documented thanks to the recent launch of augmented reality app ‘’Pokémon Go’’. Pokemon started as a simple video game for the original Game Boy in the mid-1990’s and has been successfully ported to various mediums: animated series, trading cards, movies and more. Some commentators are surprised that the Pokémon brand still resonates with consumers after years of somewhat being relegated to the background; however such shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Pokémon Company (a joint venture including Nintendo) responsible for marketing and licensing the franchise has always used a simple but strong storytelling strategy that transcends age, race, geography …

A simple narrative

A trainer holding a Poké Ball, used for catching and storing a Pokémon

Many Pokémons, many characters

A non-exhaustive list of Pokémons

Inviting consumers to be part of the story

Pokemon trading cards: stylistically and functionally similar to “Magic: The Gathering”

Marketers take note: sometimes keeping story telling simple sometimes works wonders. Such allows to scale your product across several decades, fully utilizing new mediums and technologies; making timeless brands in the process.

Cover image: courtesy of Jonathanjo at deviantart.com, Fair Use.
Pokémon trainer image: courtesy of bulbagarden.net, Fair Use.
Pokémon list image: courtesy of Poké-Collab, Fair Use.
Pokémon cards image: courtesy of wikiHow, Faire Use.

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