Patrick Kuczynski and Fouad Kouidmir on the story of ShareAlpha

Phil Siarri talks to Patrick Kuczynski and Fouad Kouidmir, co-founders of Montreal-based investment information platform ShareAlpha.

ShareAlpha provides curated investment ideas for do-it-yourself (DIY) investors from investment analysts.

Can you tell us about your respective professional journeys? How did you meet?

We actually met while we were both working together at Montrusco Bolton, a Montreal-based asset manager, for about 18 months. We were often discussing side projects in the hallways, often for too long. Eventually I left Canada to work in Dubai for less than a year and we lost touch, but when I came back, we went for lunch. Both our aspirations to become portfolio managers were diminishing and we instead wanted to get our hands dirty by building a business. It’s near that time that we discussed an early stage idea that became ShareAlpha.

I had the idea a while back, but never pursued it by myself as it was a larger undertaking, but Patrick told me that the idea was worth pursuing further. After a few discussions, we decided this summer to join the Founder Institute together to validate our idea.

What is ShareAlpha?

Today, DIY investors mostly get tips from newsletters, blogs, or they ask friends for new investment ideas. Through 100+ in-person interviews and surveys, we know that investors want new investment ideas, but from trustworthy sources. Some stock pickers might overly focus on their best picks, but neglect to mention their worst performers. Our solution is to curate investment analysts through our platform with different performance metrics. We want investors to access investment ideas from only the best analysts. Now, instead of having one portfolio manager, you can manage your own ‘team’ of investment analysts, each an expert in their sector, contributing new investment ideas to you. Even the experts rely on other experts to find the best new investment ideas.

What makes ShareAlpha different from other offerings?

Our business model is also 100% performance-based, which means that investors receive a refund for the cost of the investment information purchased on our platform, that falls below the preset analyst expectation. Under our business model, we make sure to align interests of all parties: the investors, the analysts and finally ShareAlpha.

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Founder of Nuadox | Tech & Innovation Commentator | Digital Strategist | MTL | More about me>