My journey into micro content

About six months ago, I had a great conversation with friend and collaborator Alberto Gómez on “micro content” during a mastermind group session. He put it like this: “today the attention span of web users is becoming extremely short… in many cases you’re better off packaging your articles and other properties in a very condensed manner. But don’t be lazy: make sure your content remains informative and serves a purpose.”

Needless to say, this resonated with me. Later on, Alberto advised me on applying this philosophy to Nuadox, a tech publication I launched last December. Not only did output increased significantly; quality, focus and retention improved as well.

Here are some key takeaways from this micro content journey:

  • Content curation is your friend: a great way to utilize new sources.
  • ”Micro” doesn’t mean you should bypass the attribution process: always give credit to content creators you cite.
  • Balancing act: a micro content strategy is often a balancing act (brevity versus providing context). Fortunately repetition and experience will improve your craft.
  • Visual aspect: imagery is crucial. With less “space” to provide context, visuals (imagery, diagrams) are key. For example: a heading image on a blog post needs to instill the right connotation, feeling, etc…
  • Mobile considerations: at the risk of stating the obvious, micro content works well on mobile devices (on which space needs to be carefully utilized).

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