Longer TikTok videos could entice a more diverse array of creators

Smartphone displaying the TikTok app
Image by iXimus from Pixabay

TikTok announced on February 28 that users can now upload longer videos. The maximum length is 10 minutes (it was 3 minutes prior to the change).

The power of TikTok is undeniable. By the end of 2021, Cloudflare data showed that TikTok.com surpassed Google.com as the number 1 most popular domain. But for many creators the short-form format wasn’t practical.

Explaining complex ideas in 3 minutes was very hard and sometimes downright impossible. The new 10 minute limit could well attract new users (and brands) that typically post content on YouTube. Think science, business, history and many more topics that are more comfortable to watch in longer formats. And of course there’s the irresistible marketing reach of the ever-growing platform… (despite being controversial in many aspects).

If this extended latitude proves successful I believe TikTok could further increase such limit.

This story was first published on The PhilaVerse (my Substack newsletter).



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Phil Siarri

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