Interview with Jason Inch of Genaro Network

Hi Jason, nice to connect with you. Can you tell us a little about your professional background?

How did Genaro Network come to be, and what is the project’s mission?

  • We want to create the world’s largest blockchain storage network that will help users and developers to make use of storage. It will be a kind of ‘Airbnb of storage’ for developers, providers of storage and users of storage to exchange resources.
  • We will develop a scalable incubator and accelerator model that will help fund and grow startups through the Genaro ecosystem, and using GNX tokens to provide free storage and other services. We will be the first accelerator that uses a mixed ‘tokenomics’ and equity funding model to grow a group of related startups on a single blockchain, becoming in effect the first app store on a blockchain.
  • We will integrate real-world offline analogs to the online Genaro Network. We’re exploring co-working and co-living as just two of the many possibilities of how the GNX economy will be O2O, and allow people to interact with the blockchain without having to understand the details. It’s blockchain for everyone.

How does the team approach current regulatory challenges?

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