Interview with Guillaume Piard of Nalo

Phil Siarri talks to Guillaume Piard, founder and CEO of Nalo, a Paris-based fintech startup offering a robo-advisor platform specialising in life insurance investments.

Can you please tell us about your professional background? What motivated you to co-found Nalo?

While in the US a few years ago, I discovered what was happening in the fintech and robo-advisor landscape. It was an epiphany: I had been looking for this for 10 years, yet had never thought my homemade tools could be a business! After two sleepless nights, my next career back in Europe was obvious.

How is Nalo different from other robo-advisors, and what factors made you focus on life insurance rather than other investment products?

Traditional offerings, as well as other robo-advisors in France, limit themselves to a handful of standardised investor profiles (such as a static risk scale of 1 to 10). Hence, there is no real tailoring of investments to an individual, since people with completely different situations and goals are bunched up in these simplistic groups.

Nalo has reinvented the use of these wrappers. We have pushed the logic of goal-based investing to associate different asset allocations and management strategies to each and every goal of an individual. This allows for an infinite number of customer profiles, and truly tailored automated wealth management.

We also don’t consider total automation to be the end objective. Smart technology, artificial intelligence and process automation are only means to make our human advisers better, faster and available where they matter the most: listening to our customers and understanding their more complex needs in detail.

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Founder of Nuadox | Tech & Innovation Commentator | Digital Strategist | MTL | More about me>