India plans to make USB-C mandatory on new mobile devices

The new directive could be implemented by March 2025

Phil Siarri
1 min readDec 30, 2022
Image of USB symbols
Image credit: Phil Siarri

Business Standard reports that mobile device companies conducting business in India will have to provide USB Type-C as the standard charging port in their products by March 2025.

This new directive follows a similar EU law that would make USB-C mandatory in 2024. The main argument for such is that it would improve accessibility by removing the technological “lock-in” effect (cough cough… Apple).

But should governments legislate on electronic cable formats? Does that really encourage innovation? This is debatable.

When new, faster formats get introduced, should governments around the world review those? That doesn’t seem very practical, especially considering supply chain issues could continue for a while.

It’s one thing to hold Big Tech accountable, it’s another to add further red tape.

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