BNPL: Klarna to acquire price comparison platform PriceRunner

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More Klarna news… The Swedish Buy Now Pay Later provider continues its shopping spree, agreeing to acquire price comparison platform PriceRunner which has a strong presence in the UK and Scandinavia.

David Fock, Chief Product Officer at Klarna stated: “The acquisition will serve to strengthen our bank, card and payment services and support a competitive global landscape. It also further cements that Klarna will not be a marketplace but a viable and competitive alternative for retail partners vs Amazon, Google and Facebook.”

There is clear synergy here. Geographic factors are a given (Klarna is a true powerhouse in Northern Europe). Furthermore, comparison platforms can be used as a user acquisition strategy because such websites and apps are high-traffic by nature. Klarna also plans to add PriceRunner’s functionality to its product offering, to create a “more engaging experience” for its customers.

It’s important to note that the purchase is subject to approval by regulatory authorities.



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