Autonomous tech: beyond the flying car

Today I was discussing autonomous technologies with a group of diverse persons. The conversation quickly turned to self-driving cars and how … potentially dangerous and over-hyped they can be. While I’m not super critical of the 1960’s flying car dream as my father likes to call such; I somewhat share those sentiments. I believe that as tech pros, enthusiasts and consumers, we should rather focus on the benefits and current applications of autonomous devices and machines rather than incessantly bicker about certain topics.

Our homes are filled with autonomous machines: the dishwasher washes your plates and utensils efficiently without any supervision, your Roomba vacuums your hardwood floor and even entertains (albeit indirectly) your pets.

Also we shall not forget the tremendous advancements of IoT, which in recent years have improved lighting, monitoring, alarm systems among other things.

Never forget the goal of autonomous tech. Your time is liberated from mundane, mechanical tasks and one can dedicate more hours to more intellectual, productive activities. For example an IoT monitoring system can supervise your pet and alert your smartphone if anything out of the ordinary occurs while your work on your university thesis outside of your home. Also to go back to self-driving vehicles: wouldn’t be nice to perform a full work day while on a cross-country trip from Los Angeles to New York City?

It is important not to become overly critical: focus on the outcome rather than a few missteps. Technology development is a marathon, not a race.

Jetsons screen capture, courtesy of Warner Bros. Animation. Fair use.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

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