Ant Group’s dual listing IPO, PFMs and open banking, Hardbacon’s new comparators

Picture of ant on a leaf
Picture of ant on a leaf
Image by Perez Vöcking from Pixabay

Here we go again. Another week, another fintech roundup.

Ant Group will go with dual listing IPO according to sources

It’s important to note that the information is not yet public; but has been confirmed by credible sources.

This should reassure potential investors waiting for the gigantic listing (which coud well break records).

A quarter of personal finance managers in the UK and the Netherlands do not use open banking

That number could seem odd given that Europe has been a pioneer in such field with legislation such as PSD2 (and its UK counterpart simply named “Open Banking”).

That being said, “fintech screen scraping” will be banned on December 31, 2020 in the EU and UK due to new regulatory changes. Software providers will need to adapt very quickly to remain compliant.

Consequently, the open banking movement could certainly experience another significant period of growth (let’s not forget there are more than 2 million consumers who use open banking products in the UK alone with an increase of approximately 160,000 users per month).

Hardbacon launches new comparison tools

Like other fintechs, Hardbacon has experienced strong growth during the COVID-19 pandemic (having accumulated 20,000 users according to CEO and co-founder Julien Brault).

The company has come a long way since its inception in 2016 and now feels it can better compete with established Canadian financial product comparison platforms such as Ratehub.

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