A remarkable milestone for streaming in the US

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Cord cutters rejoice: a new Nielsen report suggests U.S. streaming viewership surpassed cable TV for the first time last July…

This comes after four consecutive months of viewership highs. While streaming viewership in a given month has exceeded broadcast viewing in the past, this is the first time ever it has also surpassed cable viewing. Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix and YouTube total viewership shares all reached new heights last month (3, 3.6, 8 and 7.3% respectively). From June, cable TV usage dropped by 2% (a loss of 0.7 share points). From July 2021, cable TV usage decreased by 8.9% (a loss of 3.3 share points).

This is a significant paradigm shift… But what could explain such development?

  • Obviously, the video streaming ecosystem is a lot more diverse in 2022 than let’s say 5–7 years ago, with content for all budgets and tastes (that includes sports, a category that was rather rare in the past).
  • The rise of true streaming “exclusives”.
  • The 2021–2022 world inflation surge has made consumers more budget conscious.

These could be valid reasons to either downgrade or even eliminate your cable TV service…

This story was first published on The PhilaVerse (my Substack newsletter).



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