A difficult Q4 2022 for PC manufacturers in Western Europe

But there is hope this year…

Phil Siarri
2 min readApr 4, 2023
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As per Canalys estimates, PC and tablet shipments in Western Europe fell 38% year-on-year during Q4 2022.

Here are some other highlights from the market research firm’s latest report:

  • For this given period, Notebooks fared the worst, with 8.6 million units delivered, 40% less than the previous year. Desktop shipments fell 29% to 2.1 million units. Consumer spending was also a drag on the tablet market, with shipments falling 17% to 6.6 million devices. Lenovo, HP and Apple experienced the biggest declines among major brands (Samsung was the only vendor to post growth).
  • PC and tablet shipments declined 21% and 18%, respectively, for the full 2022 year.
  • Reasons for the disappointing numbers include economic concerns, high inventories and interest hikes by the European Central Bank.
  • The market is predicted to drop further for the majority of 2023 before returning to growth in the fourth quarter.

Ouch though…

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