Aïnina Aïdara on identifying credit-ready SMEs

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Phil Siarri talks to Aïnina Aïdara, project manager at Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade (Fast).

Aïnina Aïdara is project manager at Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade (Fast), an international nonprofit organisation based in Montreal, Canada. Fast’s mission is to facilitate efficiency, transparency and stability in financial markets for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). During his tenure with Fast, Aïnina actively participated in the development of AXiiS (Access and eXchange for Impact Investment and Sustainability), a digital platform with the aim of matching credit-ready SMEs from various geographical areas, with lenders.

Phil Siarri: Hi Aïnina, nice to connect with you. Can you tell us a little about your professional background?

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Aïnina Aïdara: Hello Phil. I started my professional career within the international cooperation sphere with the World Food Programme, during which I assessed their school feeding programme in Zambia. Later on, I had opportunities to work within the United Nations, local and Canadian NGOs, and the private sector, particularly in Africa and Latin America. It allowed me to touch upon various topics at management level, such as food security, micro-finance, information technologies, women empowerment and local capacity building.

PS: Tell us about AxiiS. How did the platform come to be, and what is its purpose?

PS: What do you think has been the most successful ‘match’?

PS: What are the main roadblocks to adoption thus far? Would you say the nonprofit environment is a challenge for such initiatives?

I believe the nonprofit environment constitutes both a challenge and an opportunity for this type of initiative. As a nonprofit organisation, it took us some time before securing funding to develop AXiiS, and there is a need for more funds to maintain, improve and expand its features. Alternatively, as a nonprofit entity, we understand the realities of farmers, cooperatives and SMEs in developing countries that allow us to develop a platform responding to their financial needs and the investment criteria of impact investors.

PS: What are your hopes for AXiiS?

This article was originally published in BankNXT.

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